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Make some Sweetheart Coasters to hold cup of tea or a dainty snack.  These lacy heart coasters are quickly finished in the hoop.


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The Sweetheart Coaster is 4.89″ x 4.92″.   It has a pretty, scalloped, free-standing lace edge, and it’s finished in the hoop.  Step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures are included.

Hoop Size:  5″ x 7″

My little SNIPS make trimming those jump threads and applique fabric so easy.  I used my Soft Loft Fusible Stabilizer to make these sweet coasters, along with wash away mesh stabilizer from ALLSTITCH.

This designs is automatically available as a download. If you’d like a CD or USB in addition to your download, you can choose that option at checkout.  

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