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Got an hour or two to play?  Make some sweet purses for your little bunny, and fill them up with goodies!  Each of these purses are made in one hooping, then glued together.  They are easy as can be and quick as a bunny to make.


Earn 24 Points.

Easter Purses includes 4 purse designs – a bunny with carrots, tulips and Easter eggs, a large flower, and a simply stippled purse that can be customized or used to show off fancy fabrics.  Each of the four purse designs comes in three hoop sizes – 9″, 12″, and 14″.  The freestanding flower shown in the pictures is also included in 3 sizes to coordinate with the flower purses.

The purses made with a 6″ x 9″ hoop measure about 4” x 4” x 1”. The purses vary slightly by style.
The purses made with a 8″ x 12″ hoop measure about 5” x 5½” x 1¼”.  The purses vary slightly by style.
The purses made with a 9½” x 14″ hoop measure about 6½” x 6¼” x 1½”.  The purses vary slightly by style.

Hoop Size: 6″ x 9″, 8″ x 12″, and 9½” x 14″.  Please note:  HUS format includes the 6″ x 9″ purses and all of the flowers.  JEF, VIP, and VP3 formats include the 6″ x 9″ purses, 8″ x 12″ purses, and all of the flowers.  

The Easter Egg Cups can be found here!

CLICK HERE to find my favorite SNIPS.  They’re super sharp, and they have a serrated edge, so they cut fabric and batting!  I used this WASH AWAY STABILIZER to make all of the purses.

These designs are automatically available as a download.  If you’d like a CD or USB in addition to your download, you can choose that option at checkout.


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