Spooky the Cat

Why are there so many photos and videos of Spooky on this site? Well, he has a pretty special story. He was a little stray kitten who would come by every week or so for a visit and a meal, then go about his merry way. The day after Christmas, I saw him on the porch and opened the door to give him some food. He darted in, wrapped his little body around my arm, and cried. One eye was completely destroyed, his jaw was so misshapen that he couldn’t eat or drink, his tail was broken, and his little body was full of infection. If you want to see how bad he was, click here. It’s really awful, so don’t click if you don’t want to see it! The vet in my town said he was so badly injured and in so much pain that putting him to sleep might be the best option, but just I couldn’t do it. She filled him full of fluid, antibiotics, and pain medication, and we took him to an emergency animal hospital in Salt Lake who had a small animal dental surgeon.

Spooky the Kitten before his accident

The staff and surgeons at BluePearl did an incredible job. They had to stabilize him before they could do surgery, then they shaved his neck, all four paws, and under his front paws to hook up all the IV’s and sensors. One surgeon removed his eye, and another surgeon wired his jaw back together and put in a feeding tube. The poor little guy had to wear the “cone of shame” for 6 weeks, but he was an incredibly sweet patient. He took months to heal, and even longer to grow his fur back, which is why he looks a little ragged in some of the videos! While he did lose an eye, his jaw broke in such a way that they were able to save his teeth. All of them. You can see evidence of his perfect teeth and sharp claws on my hands in many videos! 🥴

His favorite place in the house is the sewing room, and nothing makes him happier than when he can prance around in front of the camera. It’s a joy to see him playing, especially when we didn’t even know if he would live long enough to have surgery, let alone make it through the surgery. Here he is posing for the camera.

Spooky the Cat Videos

This little one-eyed ball of play loves to show off his skills. He also likes to help me edit the video clips – he sits in my lap and watches himself on the computer. I hope you enjoy his antics as much as I do!