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Once Upon a Time there was a beautiful princess who wandered from far from her castle and into the woods. She came upon a the Rose Cottage, where she drank a cup of tea.  She tip-toed inside the Daisy Cottage, and ate a little snack.  She finally found an enchanted Winter Cottage, and decided to nip inside for a little nap.  Old Man Winter watched over her while she slept (for it was his enchanted cottage after all), and he returned her safely to her castle when she woke.

The Rose Cottage, Daisy Cottage, and Winter Cottage are all included in this set.   Old Man Winter and his Winter Cottage are featured in the Holiday 2021 Issue of Classic Sewing.  If you’re a subscriber, make sure to download them!


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There are 3 Fairy Tale Cottages in this set.  The Rose Cottage measures 4½” Wide x 4” Deep x 6” High.  The Daisy Cottage measures 4″ Wide x 4″ Deep x 5¾” High.  The Winter Cottage measures 4″ Wide x 4″ Deep x 5¾” High.  Every piece is completed in the hoop, then the cottages are tabbed together.  You only need a 5″ x 7″ hoop to make all of the cottages.  

The Fairy Tale Cottages are sweetly detailed with stonework stippling, freestanding lace windows, hinged doors, and gingerbread trim.  The Winter Cottage has icicle trim and a chimney.  All of the cottages have pretty flowers growing up the sides, but just like the Castle, the vines and flowers can be left out.  

You can find the Once Upon a Time Castle here, and you can find the Princess Privy here.  Click here to find Santa and Friends, Beauty & Beau, Bella & Beast, and the Maid & Footman by A Bit of Stitch.  Click here to find the Fairy Tale Forest.  The sleigh and bicycle shown in some of the pictures can be found here.

CLICK HERE to find the SNIPS I use to make all of my 3-D projects.  You will need them to cut around all the little tabs.  They’re super sharp, and they have a serrated edge, so they cut fabric!  I used this WASH AWAY STABILIZER to make all of the pieces in the castle.  

Hoop Size: 5″ x 7″ 

These designs are automatically available as a download. Your download will include 3 separate files – one for each cottage.

If you’d like a CD or USB in addition to your download, you can choose that option at checkout.  


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