Fairy Tale Forest


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The trees in the Fairy Tale Forest will look adorable in your Once Upon a Time Village.  Make these Fairy Tale Trees, complete with garlands and fairy lights, to place around the Castle, cottages, privy, and wishing well.  


Earn 10 Points.

The Fairy Tale Forest contains 5 trees.  Every tree is completed in the hoop, then tabbed together.  

Tree 1 is 2½” Wide x 3½” Tall when finished.  This embroidery design is 4.17” x  4.66” (105.99 mm x 117.86 mm).
Tree 2 is 2¾” Wide x 4½” Tall when finished.  This embroidery design is 5.02” x  5.61” (127.44 mm x 142.62 mm).
Tree 3 is  3” Wide x 5½” Tall when finished.  This embroidery design is 5.80” x  6.31” (147.19 mm x 160.35 mm).
Tree 4 is 3¾” Wide x 6½” Tall when finished.  This embroidery design is 7.09” x  7.61” (180.13 mm x 193.22 mm).
Tree 5 is 4” Wide x 7” Tall when finished.  This embroidery design is 7.71” x  8.28” (195.87 mm x 210.40 mm).

These towering trees are also perfect for the Candy Lane Cottage, Bedtime Airline, Bedtime Rail Line, At the Track, and Dolly’s House

You can find the Wishing Well here, the bridge and castle here, the Fairy Tale Cottages here, and the Princess Privy here.  Or just click here to see the Once Upon a Time Collection!  Click here to find the Charming Collection by A Bit of Stitch.

CLICK HERE to find my favorite SNIPS.  You will need them to cut around all the little tabs.  They’re super sharp, and they have a serrated edge, so they cut fabric!  I used this WASH AWAY STABILIZER to make all of the pieces in the Once Upon a Time Collection.  

Hoop Sizes: 7″, 8″, and 9″

These designs are automatically available as a download.  If you’d like a CD or USB in addition to your download, you can choose that option at checkout.

Please note:  HUS format does not include Trees 4 and 5.


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