Affiliate Program

Would you like to be an affiliate of Shelly Smola Designs?

If you have your own website or would like to promote Shelly’s projects on social media or in a newsletter, then you might be able to become an affiliate!

All Dealer inquiries are welcome.

Affiliate Program by Shelly Smola

What does this mean? You can earn a commission on Shelly’s sales when you promote her designs or videos.

Once you’re an affiliate, you’ll get a Dashboard on Shelly’s site that lets you generate URLs and view referrals, payouts, and more. Click here to see what the Referrals page from an Affiliate’s Dashboard looks like. They promoted the Creepy Cottage, and they got paid for each Creepy Cottage order and for everything else customers ordered.

When somebody follows your link and places an order, you’ll get an email telling you how much $$ you’ve made. You’ll be able to see how many people followed the link, who made purchases, and what they ordered. You’ll be paid by Shelly through PayPal.

To apply for the Affiliate Program, please fill out the information below and click send.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Shelly.