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This special will expire at midnight (PST) November 1, 2023. 

These 5 projects will transform you sewing space!  You’ll have organization galore with all the bins, pockets, and caddies in this bundle. 

There are five sets included in this special.  

Embroider Something
Sew Something
Serge Something
Little Bits
Sew Lazy

Scroll down to see videos and more details about each set.

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Earn 110 Points.

All of the projects in the Sewing Studio Special are made with a 5″ x 7″ hoop.  Detailed instructions to make each project from start to finish are included in a PDF file.  In each of the mats, the drop from the tool strip to the bottom of the pockets is 9″.   If you make the mats without the tool strips, the drop is 7″.  The magnets in all of the mats are optional.

Embroider Something includes 9 small pockets, 12 pocket labels, 1 large pocket, 1 large pocket side, 1 large pocket back, 2 pocket tabs, 3 magnetic tool strip sections, and 1 base block.  The mat shown in the pictures measures 39” wide by 31” deep, and samples of different size mats have been included in the instructions.  The mat shown in the pictures uses 22 magnets.

Sew Something includes 4 small pockets, 1 large pocket, 1 pocket tab, 1 magnetic tool strip, and 1 base block,  The mat shown measures 27½” by 31½”, and samples of different size mats have been included in the instructions. The mat shown in the picture uses 13 magnets.  If you want magnets all the way across the tool strip, you’ll need 21 magnets.

Serge Something includes 2 small pockets, 1 large pocket, 1 pocket tab, 1 magnetic tool strip, and 1 base block.  This mat measures 21″ wide x 23″ deep.  This mat accommodates 12 magnets.

Little Bits includes bins labeled Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow.  Also included are bins for Fabric, Trim, and Thread.  Each bin measures 5½” (H) x 7½” (L) x 4″ (W).  Each bin is made in 5 hoopings (6 if you want the loops), and they are very easy to assemble.

Sew Lazy includes 7 sayings and 7 pocket fronts to choose from. You can make a large round caddy with 5 pockets around the outside or a smaller square caddy with 4 pockets around the outside.  Both caddies have pockets on the inside, too.


I used a bias tape maker (yay- they’re finally available again!), point turner and seam creaser , Dream Puff Batting, and my snips and MAGNETS to make the these projects :

  Shelly's Favorite Snips   Magnets by Shelly Smola

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These designs are automatically available as a download.  If you’d like a CD or USB in addition to your download, you can choose that option at checkout.


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