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This special will expire at midnight (PST) November 1, 2023. 

This holiday village and countdown is sure to delight your little elves!  It includes:

Santa’s Workshop
Santa’s Sleigh
Elves at Play

Scroll down to see more details about each set.

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Santa’s Workshop measures 9” Wide x 7” Deep x 10½” High.  Every piece is completed in the hoop, then the Workshop is tabbed together.  Extremely detailed instructions with tons of pictures are included.  Santa’s Workshop has two floors, so there’s plenty of space for the Elves to work!  The attic features hinged double doors and a ladder for easy access.  The ladder can also be used outside the workshop to hang lights and decorate trees!   Also included:  a Candy Cane Awning, a Reindeer Spa, the Elves’ Workshop, Icicle Trim, Workshop Signs, Reindeer Names, and a Christmas Countdown complete with Rules for Elves on the other side.  Hoop Size: 5″ x 7″ (larger hoops will come in handy!!)  

Santa’s Sleigh measures 6½” Long x 3½” Tall x 3¾” Wide.  Every piece is completed in the hoop, then the sleigh is tabbed together.  This jolly set includes sleigh blankets, a little wreath, and linkable trees for all the reindeer (we can’t make Rudolph do all the work!).  Detailed instructions are included.  Hoop Size: 5″ x 7″

Elves at Play includes 3 advent calendars that are each made in two hoopings.  The small calendar, which is perfectly sized to fit in a purse or bag is about 6″ x 6″.  The large calendar comes in two sizes: 8” x 12” and  x 9½” x 14”.  The wheel behind the calendar is attached with a snap, and it turns to display the number of days left till Christmas.  Detailed instructions are included.  Hoop Sizes: 8″, 12″, and 14″


Mr. and Mrs. Claus Charming, Elf Charming and Reindeer Charming by A Bit of Stitch:

I used these items to make Santa’s Workshop, Sleigh, and the Elves at Play Calendar:

      Shelly's Favorite Snips

I strung these sleigh bells on a ribbon to make the reindeers jingle, the little elves are using these adorable mini string lights to decorate these trees, and Santa’s Sleigh is filled with these cute presents in the pictures of this set.

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