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The Bedtime Rail Line Quilt is so much more fun with the Bedtime Rail Line Accessories! The Bridge is very sturdy with raised rails to match the quilt. The arch is large enough for even the taller trains, and it will span the car track if you are combining the Bedtime Rail Line with At the Track.  The Roundhouses all have real windows, so you can see the trains parked inside, and the turntable actually turns! This set includes a straight roundhouse, a corner roundhouse, roundhouse quilt squares with special rails and snap guides, and a turntable with a coordinating quilt square. Different roundhouse layouts are included.  The Train Station has real windows on all four sides, a steep pitched roof, and a cute little door.  And of course you need a Tunnel! This one is sized to fit the railroad tracks and the car tracks. 


Earn 32 Points.

The Bedtime Rail Line Accessories include the Bridge, Roundhouses (there are two styles), Turntable, Tunnel, Train Station, and all of the special quilt blocks they attach to.  Detailed instructions are included.

Hoop Sizes: 5×7 (to match the 5×5 quilt squares) and 6×8 (to match the 6×6 quilt squares)

You might also like the the Bedtime Rail Line Alphabet to complete the Bedtime Rail Line set!

 I used this WASH AWAY STABILIZER to make all of the accessories.

These designs are automatically available as a download.  If you’d like a CD or USB in addition to your download, you can choose that option at checkout.


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