Spring Fling


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The Spring Fling Napkin Rings are perfectly pretty for a spring brunch!  These realistic flowers are made in the hoop, then glued together.  Use them on the included napkin rings, or just to decorate your favorite space.  


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The Spring Fling flowers and napkin rings are made in the hoop.   This set includes a Daffodil, Dogwood, Lily, and Pansy.  The stamen in the Daffodil and Lily are also made in the hoop.  Detailed instructions are included.

The Daffodil is about 3½” x 4.
The Dogwood is about 2¼” x 3½”.
The Lily is about 3½” x 3½”.
The Pansy is about 4½” x 2¼”
The Rings are about 1½” round.

Hoop Size:  5″ x 7″

My little SNIPS make trimming those jump threads and applique fabric so easy.  Make sure to get a pair – or two! I used wash away mesh stabilizer from ALLSTITCH to make these Spring Fling Flowers and Napkin Rings. 

This design is automatically available as a download. If you’d like a CD or USB in addition to your download, you can choose that option at checkout.  


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