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Make this beautiful quilted organizer to hold all of your Cozy Cottage Calendar accessories! It has special pockets to hold all of the centerpieces, monthly plaques, number markers, and holiday buttons for each month.


Earn 24 Points.

The Cozy Cottage Organizer holds all of the Cozy Cottage Calendar pieces.  With special pockets for the centerpieces, monthly plaques, and holiday markers (button covers), you’ll have everything organized and ready to switch out each month.  Detailed instructions to make the organizer are included.

Hoop Size: 5×7 and 6×8

Cozy Cottage Organizer Sizes:
5×7 Set:  13″ x 15″ Closed and 26″ x 15″ Open
6×8 Set: 14″ x 16″ Closed and 28″ x 16″ Open

Hoop Sizes: 5×7 and 6×8

My little SNIPS make trimming all the applique fabric in this set so easy.  Make sure to get a pair – or two! I used this soft mesh cut away stabilizer make the calendar and quilt.

These designs are automatically available as a download.  If you’d like a CD or USB in addition to your download, you can choose that option at checkout.


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