Cobblestone Court Kit


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Once Upon a Time a fairy godmother put together the perfect kit to make the Cobblestone Court!  With the click of a button, all the felt for your Enchanted Forest Play Mat, Spellbound Sapphire Ponds, and Smoky Marble Cobblestones will be delivered to your door. Since our silly computers show colors differently, swatch cards are available!  They’re free, but you will be charged a small mailing fee.


Earn 85 Points.

The Cobblestone Court Kit includes:

1 – 4′ x 6′ (48″ x 72″) piece of Enchanted Forest Wool Felt for the play mat

4 – 7″ x 72″ strips of Smoky Marble Wool Felt for the top of the cobblestones

4 – 7″ x 72″ strips of Smoke Acrylic Felt for the bottom of the cobblestones

44″ of 36″ wide Spellbound Sapphire Wool Felt for the moat, lakes, ponds, and streams

You will have enough felt to make over 60 cobblestone sections!  You’ll also have enough felt to make all of the water features.  Layouts for the cobblestones and water are included in the Cobblestone Court instructions.

Cobblestone Court Kit

Cobblestone Court Kit, Swatch Card

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