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To qualify for wholesale pricing, you must order 3 CDs per design collection and 3 design collections (a total of 9 CDs—may be 9 CDs of the same collection if desired).  Reorders of previously ordered CDs have no minimum.

Orders that do not meet these requirements will not be shipped.

Dealers must read and sign the agreement below. Orders will not be shipped without a signed agreement.


All orders are net 30.  Shelly Smola Designs accepts credit cards or company checks.


Your order will be shipped in approximately 2-3 days via USPS unless otherwise notified.


You are welcome to use Shelly Smola Designs in classes; however you must obtain permission from Shelly Smola.  The design(s) used in class must be purchased for each student.  Shelly Smola Designs will be happy to make individual kit CDs (or USBs) with only the designs used in class.  Please remember—giving any designs to customers who have not purchased them is a violation of copyright laws.  When promoting classes, Dealers must clearly state that they are using Shelly Smola Designs.


All design CDs (or USBs) will be made by Shelly Smola.  Dealers who have purchased Shelly Smola Designs have permission to resale the original Shelly Smola Designs CDs (or USBs).  Dealers may not duplicate any of Shelly Smola’s designs.  All digitized designs and instructions are copyrighted by Shelly Smola Designs and are only for use by the person who originally purchased the designs.  Digitized designs are not to be shared, swapped, duplicated or sold in any way.  Designs in their stitched out form can be used on personal items, gifts, and items for resale on a small scale.  The digitized design itself remains the property of Shelly Smola Designs. All images are copyrighted by Shelly Smola Designs.   Dealers must get permission from Shelly Smola to use her images in any way (i.e. websites, newsletters, advertising, promotions, etc.).

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